Cargese Activity-based Modeling & Simulation (Cargese - ACTIMS'2012)

Welcome to the home page of the Cargese Activity-based Modeling & Simulation (Cargese - ACTIMS'2012)!

The workshop aims at defining new research directions for activity-based modeling and simulation by bringing together world experts from many disciplines.

The workshop will be held May, 28 (arrival) - June, 1 (departure) 2012 at Cargese, Corsica. The workshop takes the Dagstuhl and CAMPaM seminar formats – “bring a critical mass of top researchers together in a relatively remote location and soon new ideas will flow.”


Short Bibliography on Activity


  1. Hans Vangheluwe: Model-driven Engineering and simulation
  2. Xiaolin Hu: Activity-based M&S
  3. Eric Innocenti: Activity fuzzy logic
  4. Rassul Ayani: Parallel and Distributed Systems
  5. Raphaël Duboz: MAS, TM&S, Network Analysis, Socio-ecosystems
  6. Laurent Capocchi: DEVSSimPy
  7. Lisandru Muzy: Activity-based M&S
  8. Dominique Prunetti: Economical activity


The goal is to automatically: detect, model and simulate spatial and/or temporal patterns activity (as a measure of event occurrences or state changes.) Every algorithm, definition… relies on the usual steps of the modeling and simulation cycle: (i) Observation, (ii) Modeling, (iii) Simulation, (iv) Validation, (i) Observation, etc.

Tentative Schedule

Monday 28 May

16:00 Welcome, planning and introduction (Alex and Olivier)
17:00 Open discussions on activity
18:15 Cocktail
19:30 Dinner at Cargese village

Tuesday 29 May

08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-10:15 1 Presentation [B. Zeigler] + discussions
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:30 1 Presentation [R. Duboz]
11:30-12:10 1 Presentation [H. Vangheluwe]
12:30-14:00 Lunch @ Institute
15:00-15:45 1 Presentation [X. Hu]
15:45-16:20 1 Presentation [S. Doncieux]
16:20-16:45 Coffee Break
16:45-17:30 1 Presentation [E. Innocenti]
17:30-18:15 1 Presentation [R. Ayani]
19:00 Dinner @ Cargese village

Wednesday 30 May

08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-09:30 1 Presentation [J.-F. Santucci & L. Capocchi ]
09:30-10:15 1 Presentation [J.-C. Soulie]
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:30 1 Presentation [F. Barros]
11:30-12:10 1 Presentation [O. Michel]
12:30-14:00 Lunch @ Institute
15:00-16:20 Working groups
16:20-16:45 Coffee Break
16:45-18:30 Working groups
19:00 Dinner @ Cargese village

Thursday 31 May

Friday 1st June

Seminar Concept

As for previous editions, specialists from many disciplines (Economics, Evolutionary cognitive sciences, Ecology, Game, Robotics, Industry, Parallel and distributed simulation, Computer engineering…) are invited to the seminar. Every specialist writes a position research article (4 pages) discussing the use of activity in his domain. Every paper should be ready before the seminar. Accommodation and lunch are offered to the participants. In addition, there will be no registration fee. Every article will be peer-reviewed by two other invited scientists. A second meeting, which will include two important keynote speeches, is scheduled in November 12-14 in Paris. All position research articles aim at being developped and included in a journal special issue. For all meetings, travel and dinner expenses are not supported by the seminar organization. At the seminar, theory and application oriented workshops will be organized to compare and integrate contributions.

Seminar Deadlines

  • May, 11: Full paper submission
  • May, 28 - June, 1: Seminar

Proceedings Deadlines

  • July, 1: Full paper submission
  • July, 15: Reviews
  • July, 21: Sent to the publisher

Getting to Cargese

In order to pick you up at the airport, here after are the airplane schedules (to provide approximate arrival times) For people (mainly from the US) arriving on May, 27:

  1. AF 4728 11:30 Nice 12:20 Ajaccio
  2. AF 7568 10:40 Paris 12:15 Ajaccio

For people arriving on May, 28:

  1. AF4500 08:30 Paris (ORY) 10:05 Ajaccio
  2. AF4102 10:30 Paris (ORY) 12:05 Ajaccio

In order to pick you up to the airport, here after are the airplane schedules – June, 1:

  1. AF7567 14:00 Ajaccio 15:35 Paris (ORY) 01h35 Air France

Università di Corsica - Pasquale Paoli's and CNRS official Cargese Research Institute link gives general information about Cargese Institute.

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