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MGS is a research project jointly developed at the LACL of the University Paris-Est Créteil and IRCAM (UMR STMS 9912 CNRS - INRIA - Université Université Pierre et Marie CURIE). Despite the acronym, MGS is not related to...

The project aims at investigating the concepts and tools (especially programming languages) needed for the modeling and the simulation of dynamical systems exhibiting a dynamical structure. The results are validated by the design and development of an experimental programming language and of various applications (mainly in the area of biological systems modeling). Our approach is based on the use of topological notions to extend the idea of rewriting systems.

The MGS homepage is migrating. The old one is still available.

MGS Download

The MGS interpreter is available as an executable file (23/06/2014 version):

JBView is a visualization companion for MGS:

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